Sudan referendum


In a few days the final result of the Sudanese vote will be announced and hopefully it will not cause any harm. Although the result will definitely be separation of South Sudan from the North, I’m waiting with my fingers crossed for the result. I had already started to define myself as southern Sudanese rather than just Sudanese, and pointing this out this has made a difference in my life.

Many young people my age did not cast their vote during the referendum. This may be because they do not care or they did not have enough time to go and vote. The reason why I had to drag myself out of bed to register and vote is because I want to be part of my country’s history so one day in the future I can tell my grandchildren that I made a difference by voting for separation. I’m tired of hearing about the number of southern Sudanese who die from hunger, disease, gunfire and so on. I want those who see a poor country when they hear the name South Sudan to think again before they make such judgments.

The result of referendum will be a reason for those children born in the First World or developed countries and their parents to go back home, especially those who use the excuse there isn’t work for them to do in the country. Now is the time – there are many things that need to be done, and the little ones who do not know their roots, can get to know their roots.

However, when the result is announced and there is a new independent South Sudan (or whatever its name will be), it may take southern Sudanese leaders some time to make changes to areas such as development within the country. When this happens my friend, let me tell you this, the new South Sudan will be the first country in Africa to have a strong economy. How do I know this? Well, already many southern Sudanese in the First World are thinking of going back home to make a difference in the country. And, I believe, in the years to come these numbers will only grow.


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