Ater Majok drafted by NBA club LA Lakers received pessimistic reaction from Americans media

24 hours have since passed as Sudanese and Nigerians are still recovering from happiness in celebrating momentum achievements for Ater majok and Chukwudiebere Maduabum
But it is not all celebration at media dog house and with some NBA fans at the social network. They have decided not to be part of merriment of NBA 58th draft pick historical. As I wrote this article, Ater is trendy on twitter/facebook, something reserve for Hollywood celebrities on drugs and alcohol addiction or Prince William marriage to girl called Kate.
Apparently, media and social network are eventful discussing ater’s pick as “waste of a pick” that He’ll never play in the NBA; they say that as soon as NBA season started; lake will stash him away somewhere “like many other draft last pick.
“He’d be stash in Europe or NBA D league” said ESPN commentator.
Matt Charboneau, a leading columnist from Detroit, Described Ater draft as how ridiculous the NBA draft has become.
“We chalk it up to the mystery of the draft…Teams and their executives must be smarter by finding the superstar nobody knew about. But when was the last time that happened? That type of thinking usually leads to colossal busts and throw-away picks” he wrote in his today column.
But all is just anger of jealousy and having non-America kids having a chance. This writer just like many other today revealing himself and why he is Angered, apparent there are many Americans kid that deserved that chance than Ater, he was very specific about a kid from Detroit called Kalin Lucas, who according to him led Michigan State to two straight Final Fours and became the Spartans’ fifth all-time leading scorer was left wondering about his future.
“Why selected some dude from Sudan, who went to Australia and ended up at UConn in 2009. While there, he didn’t even average point and left after a year before apparently wowing the NBA gurus at a camp in Italy a couple week’s ago.” and he wonder?
But it wasn’t Ater alone, these guys seem to have jeaslesy problem of having Africans drafted into NBA saying “You will never hear about Maduabum, Targuy Ngombo or Ater Majok” he declared
Another sport writer Dexter Fishmore wrote “Lakers Go Obscure with 56th And 58th Picks” saying that Ater Majok Pretty much no one expected him to be taken in this year’s draft, that he’s extremely raw in almost every respect. At UConn he shot only 42 percent, and according to Draft Express he “lacks great deal of strength, balance and coordination, and possesses very little in the ways of experience or feel for the game.” In other words, don’t expect to see him in a Laker uniform soon, if ever
Ken Berger, a Senior Writer, added that the Draft was troubled, saying reading names like Ater Majok amongst other, Known to only a handful of basketball-watching humans until Thursday made laughs and makes him wonder if and when majok ever makes it to the NBA
I could go on about this, thousand other articles and numerous forums that sound exactly negatively the same. TVs like ESPN describing Ater today as unknown when they had him on their programs many time. Not even single news outlet has any prospective chance of Ater pulling on LA Laker jumper ever.
But i know these people don’t know Ater at all, two years ago, there was these countless news too, that he was deluded for declaring himself NBA draftee and contemplating an aspirations in the NBA but today he is laughing, he made his dream for being drafted.
Most Sudanese do remember very well that When he signed with University of Connecticut. He was rendered something of a joke that was to be bash; all media commentator commented were never encouraging.
”When he made the Boomers team for China, went to turkey to play in Europe, When he played for Perth, When he played for the Gold Coast and When he declared for the draft the 1st time and the 2nd time, he was laughs at like crazy.
Now that he is drafted the negative mount to 100 time, I know one day he will make the LA laker team roster and he will be bashed saying he is never get off the bench”. And when he get off the bench, he would non-performer
Obviously, Media don’t know that Ater must have what it takes to be drafted in the first place! He has physical attributes and athletic abilities suited to the NBA game, and he knows very well that These attributes alone will not get him an NBA game, that why he’d solidify determination to work hard on his game to continually improve. I certainly would say to anyone that this opportunity the Lakers gave Ater will prove all his critics wrong. And within short time will he’d triumph and will star in NBA’s games
He deserves the opportunity. And for many Sudanese, Ater Majok being drafted is successes in itself. But will the media ever know that? It was almost as if it were personal. But thank coach smith and those who have been supportive and recognize the accomplishment of Ater potential (especially as a refugee making his way in a new country)
But if Ater doesn’t successes in being an NBA star, then this process was itself a success for him, he still be richer in experience and wealth
He’d be the one when the NBA draft was winding down at around midnight with only three selections remaining, and NBA second-in-command Adam Silver called out a name no one expected to hear.

“With the 58th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers select … Ater Majok the third-to-last overall and also select Darius Morris of Michigan (41st overall), Andrew Goudelock of College of Charleston (46th), Chukwudiebere Maduabum of Nigeria (56th and later traded for a future draft pick)” .


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