Khartoum Poisoned 100 “Southern Sudanese Street Children” to clear the market of loitering

South sudanese’s street kids in Khartoum, north sudan capital

Several news agencies have reported mass poisoned and up to 100 children were found dead from different market centers
journalist for Gurtong , Peter Lokale Nakimangole, based in TORIT, South sudan, reported what been
Described by southern Sudan official as an evil proportion to Nazis gassing’… that up to Hundreds of street children from Southern Sudan or Africans stock are allegedly poisoned to death in different markets of Khartoum city between June 26th-27th,

Speaking to Peter Lokale Nakimangole, one woman that called herself Elizabeth said that There are South Sudanese street families locally known as ‘shamasin’ whose kids loiter around various towns of north Sudan, habitually sniffing glue, smoking cigarettes, and usually find nowhere to sleep in the market as days and nights pass,”
purportedly, northern Sudanese traders carry-out to clear them out by placing “poison into water” along corridors adjacent to shops where these destitute groups of children drink” she explained to Gurtong news

South Sudanese officials reacted very angrily explained gurtong news
“This must have been planned basically as a part of opposing the upcoming Independence celebration for the soon to be Republic of South Sudan, on 9th July, 2011”. Said South Sudanese officials

Mary Aporu, a south Sudanese residing in Khartoum told Gurtong that Suk Weida where a big number of South Sudanese reside has registered the highest death toll so far and the figures are still being tallied from other markets in the city.

“Now Fears have flared among Southerners, some stranded or have rescheduled flights to south sudan in the upcoming historic celebrations,” Aporu, a mother of 4 elaborated.

Among the markets where hundreds of South Sudanese street children poisoned are Suk(market) sita, Suk Omduruman, Suk Afrenji and Suk Al Harabi.

The Eastern Equatoria State Deputy Governor, Nartisio Loluke Manir who is deeply concerned over innocent South Sudanese in the north strongly condemned the move, He told Gurtong that together with the eastern equatorial State Governor Hon. Luise Lobong, are making contacts with other in the north and south to establish and investigate the matter.

The head of Khartoum State’s Criminal Police Department, Major General Mohamed Ahmed was quoted while saying in a statement that 60 homeless people between ages of 13 and 25 had died mysteriously in different parts of the North Sudanese towns, confirming that all these deaths were caused by a consumption of methanol and other toxic substances.

“6 suspects accused of being dealers or suppliers have been arrested”. Declared Khartoum State’s Criminal Police Department, Major General Mohamed Ahmed

Gurtong news agency estimated that over 35,000 homeless south Sudanese children live in Khartoum, displaced armed conflicts from various regions in south and western Sudan


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