Melbourne first in the world to declaration south sudan an independence state

Hours long before juba, Australia melbourne’s south sudanese already erected the flage and declarateed “south sudan as independent state”.

The south sudan natives that made melbourne home after flewing war, were jiont by thousan of Australians in welcoming the birth of world newest “nation south sudan” as an independent nation.
A rapturous day, that took place in two halls, at Melbourne city council hall and Kingston city church hall.

from a distance, you can hear Women ululations cracking the wall, while men wailing “spla oyee! south sudan oyee!!!”or skipping around with faked shields and spears and danced their ways around the crowded hall waving flag, or flags attached, hanging them on their top or hats, or surface.
it was spectacular shows, flags everywhere, some Wearing as a face paint or carrying it, very high, or/and on car bonnets at car park, you can see other flags hung out the windows and some choos to bounced their cars painted with south sudan flags colours,up and down as it go in delight

other men and women choose to stand still or take to the corner and wept openly or head down, as if oblivious to the ear rupturing cheering, whistling and dancing.
one picture that will never leave my head is of an older man who was sitting next to me and start sobbing like little baby as what seen to be his daughter enmbraced him.It is very emotional and exciting moment.

all these started with one moment,a mock (SPLA) sudan people liberatio army parade, who marched and raised the flage of south sudan and lower the old North islamic state pan-arab’s flag hours before juba. that particular moment seem to have set emtionals high and send everybody on crying mood. an indication that this day is finally real.

Then, there were speech from governemnt of souths sudan of representive, australians’ churches leaders, poilitical parties representatives,and independent politicain, at fedral, state and local government.

And final, the day was graced with dances from all south sudanese tribes, with especial dance ocassion coming from the people fo Nuba mt, the crowd gave them standing ovalation twice, on entrance and exits. An indication that Nuba is part forever part of south sudan as GOd have intended it and that south sudan is with them thick and throw..
After all tradtional dance, people sit down to watch the SSTV live coverage from the actual declaration of independent in Juba the capital of the south sudan.


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