Youth Group Outraged


The Sudanese Australian youth action group has condemned the claims made by the Victoria police deputy commissioner regarding the rise of violence amongst Sudanese and Somali-born Victorian youths, as nothing but rubbish.

Speaking at their weekly gathering at Footscray library, the group leader branded the deputy commissioner’s comments as outrageous and potentially lethal in long run.

“His comments aren’t helping at all instead, they are planting seeds of hate among ethnic groups in Victoria”, David (not his real name) said.  Deputy Police Commissioner Tim Cartwright two weeks ago issued a strong warning regarding youths from horn of Africa background mostly Sudanese and Somali born, and warned a Cronulla-riot style is on the cards unless drastic measures are put in place. The 2005 Cronulla riot between Middle Eastern and Anglo-Saxon youths sent shock waves across Australia.

Asha Richards one of the founding members of the SAYAG argued that comparing the situation of Somali and Sudanese youth to the Cronulla riot was unnecessary and would cause panic in the wider Australian society.

She was concerned about the specific focus on Somali and Sudanese crime rates because it amounted to racial profiling.

SAYAG questioned the timing of Mr Cartwright comments and believes this latest assessment will paint a grip picture of Sudanese and Somali youths in Victoria.


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