Sudanese City Kutum is under Curfew

By Yahya Arko, reporter at Sudanese Australian Voices (SAV)

The city of Kutum, in the northern Darfur region of Sudan, has been attacked for a second time this month by Janjaweed militia, who have reportedly placed residents and internally displaced people under a compulsory curfew.

Kutum resident Mohamed Adam said the situation in Kutum is increasingly desperate, with many residents lacking basic needs such as food and shelter. They have difficulty in surviving.

“Kutum is under control of Janjaweed militia. They push police and military outside the city. They take over police stations and declare curfew, no one is allowed to appear on the street, residents are forced to stay in their homes or they face execution.”

On Wednesday morning, Janjaweed fired on public transport vehicles, which were travelling from Dissa village, in east Kutum, to the city centre. Two passengers were killed and several others were wounded.

Mr Adam said no help arrived for two days. The wounded were taken to Elfahir hospital after two days of suffering during which they had not received first aid.

In a separate attack on Thursday morning Janjaweed attacked Rifia Secondary School and killed two students, Osman Kasham and Babiker Musa Haroon. They also wounded five students, Abdelmonam Ahmed Abdallah, Abdelbasid Adam Mohamed, Alzaki Ibrahim Hunzul, Hafiz Mohamed Haroon and Shimeen Sidik, Mr Adam told AuSud.

People claim that the government has failed to protect them. They said that the government armed Janjaweed militia to kill them. Thus, the government has created the problem in the first place.

They do not expect the government to solve the issue. Therefore they appeal to the international community to protect them from Janjaweed militia.


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