Africa on the stage

By Ahmed Zaroog, reporter at Sudanese Australian Voices (SAV)

African young womens, from the Social Studio, were on the stage in Melbourne Spring fashion show.

The Social Studio is a fashion label and social enterprise that celebrates the style and skills of diverse cultures in Australia.

Models from The Social Studio

It celebrates opportunity, quality and community through fashion label, retail shop, digital printing studio and cafe, The Cutting Table.

Also it creates unique, high quality garments that are manufactured on-site in their studio in Collingwood, creating jobs and educational opportunities for talented members of new and emerging migrant and refugee communities.

The Social Studio approaches design from an environmentally sustainable perspective. They create garments with minimal fabric waste and source materials from the local fashion industry. Fabric off-cuts are used to create jewellery and accessories.

The Social Studio kicked off Melbourne Spring Fashion Week with the launch of its spring collection,
Which celebrates the adventurous and bold spirit of their designers. The spring collection draws inspiration from, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Watch out for the metallic prints based on Sudanese henna patterns and neon headscarves.The event included a fashion parade and contemporary dance performance at the Atrium, Federation Square, on Monday September 3.

The Printing Studio is a digital textile printing enterprise. The benefits of this printing technique include dazzling color, minimal fabric waste and zero ink waste.

The Cutting Table Cafe serves East and West African inspired dishes, locally roasted and ethically sourced coffee, organic juices and fresh made smoothies and is open weekdays 7am – 3.30pm and Saturday 9am-4.30pm.

Wednesday African Night is open 6-10pm and includes a delicious banquet, Ethiopian coffee ceremony and lives music and dancing.

On Saturday mornings the Social Studio hosts Craft and Coffee, for creative people to bring in craft projects to work on around our communal table.

The Social Studio is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia.


2 thoughts on “Africa on the stage

  1. Good job bro Ahmed, keep it a live. Its imprt 2 positive news as such & I am sure they community will start valuing it greatly. Stay blessed, Matoc.

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