Celebrating African-Australians Awards

By Osman Shihaby & Ahmed Ali reporters at Sudanese Australian voices (SAV)

100 of the most influential African-Australians were awarded for their contributions and the positive roles they have played in different fields that highlight their creative talents.

The person who launched the initiative was Mr John Nze-Bertram from South Australia, who is in charge of organising the concert at the Sydney Opera House on 25 August 2012. He built the website and established the help-line to contact organisations in regards to the African-Australians award.

Award Winners

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of invitees who witnessed 100 African-Australians receive honour awards for three main categories; individuals, organisations, and businesspeople. The ceremony went on for five hours.

Hon. Kate Lundy, Representative of the Australian Prime Minister and Minister for Multicultural Affairs, commended the success of the ceremony, determination and commitment of African organisations, and individuals. She commended their contributions to the Australian community as well.

Zimbabwean AmbassadorMrs Jacquelin Zwambila spoke on behalf of all African ambassadors in Canberra. She told those in attendance  she was proud of the influential role Africans played in Australia and requested more consolidated relations with societies.  She added that Africans are ambassadors for their countries of origin and have wonderful things and important contributions to make to their new society.

She also highlighted the importance of Australian investment in Africa, and the search for more opportunities to strengthen the link between the Australian and African continents.

Award Winners

This varied list of honourees, includes doctors, engineers, university lecturers, stars in the fields of the arts, sport and media, as well as senior government officials, and important managers and business owners and African community leaders from all over Australia. Each of the recipients had a success story or had done important work that would inspire others within the African community in Australia.

On the request of members of the African community in Victoria the  organisers also honour Australian organisations for their cooperation and assistance for African refugee stability. One of the Australian organisations recognised at the ceremony was the North Melbourne Australian Football Club. Their official representatives received the awards.

Local media in Sydney and SBS covered the event.


One thought on “Celebrating African-Australians Awards

  1. I was interested to read about this award ceremony, and think it must have many positive spin offs. I would like to have read a little about some of the people who won awards and why.

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