African Australian leaders for the future

Ahmed Ali & Osman Shihaby

Premier Ted Baillieu was a guest of honor at the African Think Tank Leadership Program (ATTLP) held its first graduation ceremony on Tuesday 30 October held at Port Melbourne Town Hall.

The ATTLP, a weekly leadership course from July to October 2012, develops leadership skills of African-Australians from Somalia, Eritrea, South Sudan, The Republic of Sudan, Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia, South Africa, Botswana and Liberia, all of whom were leaders in their home countries.

African Leadership Development Program participants with the Premier of Victoria, Ted Bailliau

The ATTLP received $150,000 over the three years from the Coalition Government and is supported by Monash University, Victoria Leadership and AMES to provide graduates with a Certificate IV covering subjects such as financial management, marketing and media, supporting volunteers, team management and conflict resolution.

Premier Baillieu congratulated the 30 graduates and said “The Victorian Coalition Government is proud to support the leadership program and we have committed to assist its graduates in becoming part of the next generation of Victorian leaders”.

We decided to participate in ATTLP’s 2013 program with the aim of acquiring the skills to establish a soccer group for boys age between seven to fifteen years old from newly arrived African migrants.

The purpose of the group is to engage youth and develop social and sporting skills, teaching them how to be leaders while exercising and have fun at the same time.

Other benefits will include:

  • developing good relationships between the boys and their parents
  • helping the boys gain new skills such as problem solving
  • creating friendships with other members of the community.

These activities would be organized in a number of ways starting with a BBQ with parents to advertise our program, discuss our plans and hear their feedback. Other activities could include:

  • a fundraising dinner where we will invite all members of the community, the media and Premier Baillieu
  • recruiting volunteers to assist the team
  • invite Soccer Australia players to come to one of the match so we can learn from their experience and feedback
  • School Holidays program e.g. camping for the parents and the children
  • a fun night (e.g.) music and cultural food and we ask parents to participate on the night
  • celebrate Harmony day and play a match with another community soccer players
  • encourage players to participate to Australian Clean Day so it teaches them volunteer work from the early age.

Our participation in the 2013 ATTLP Program will develop leadership skills, both for ourselves and also for the next generation of young African-Australians, providing benefits and promoting greater understanding, to all members of the Victorian community.  We look forward to being part of ceremony 2013.


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