Racism is silly

A French woman was recently verbally abused by a group of racists on a Melbourne bus, and it was filmed on camera.   Our reporter, Thokgor Reech, comments:

All men are created equal”, said Thomas Jefferson.

No matter our race, colour, descent and ethnic origin, we all human beings.

Racism is silly; it reflects a narrow mindedness and lack of sensitivity toward others.

Human beings have distinguishing characteristics that determines their respective cultures.

Unfortunately, some people think they are superior to others, and are hostile towards members of another race.

There are two types of racism in the world: direct racial discrimination, which happens when a person is mistreated, abused, assaulted because of their race.

Systemic racial discrimination can happen when a policy treats people unfairly – socially, economically or politically – because of their race.

To overcome racism, it is necessary to make friendships with other people from different cultures and communities. Friendships cut all misconceptions between cultures and judges people as individuals rather than as groups.

It is important to live in peace and unity, with respect for other people.

Discourage those who judge others and make racist comments. Stop racist talk. It is important to make them realise how silly it sounds.

See video here


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