About us

AUSUD VOICES is a blog where participants of the AuSud Media Project develop and share their stories. The AuSud (meaning ‘lion’ in Arabic) Media Project is a journalism training initiative for East African people in Australia.

Through the training the participants learn the fundamentals of journalism, develop relationships with mainstream media, and work in a newsroom environment to create this blog. The training is delivered by practicing journalists from highly respected media organisations.

The AuSud Media Project is offered through the Centre for Advanced Journalism at The University of Melbourne and is supported by an ARC Linkage Grant (LP110100063). We are working in  partnership with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Australian Multicultural Education Service (AMES).

This blog is independently run and does not reflect the views of the Centre for Advanced Journalism or affiliated organisations.


One thought on “About us

  1. This is a fantastic Project.
    As a Jew I identify with the predicament of immigrants to Australia who have a history of great trauma and I share in their hopes and dreams of a better future, both here in Australia and in their homeland in Sudan.
    It is this context that makes this blog such a beautiful thing.

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