That is my Dog!

By Peter Ajak 

 You groan

And all attention shifted

You barked at lookalikes

And your puppies squalled

Are you aware that your rusty tone is oxygen fuelling the flame?


 You blew me away with your powerful barks,

Right back I crawled

You bit me in the back when I needed your protection

Like millipede I coiled up without a sound


I will not be consumed by your vitriolic attacks,

My bones will not break.

Loud and clear I will speak

Loud and clear you will know I am not your sin-bin!


Your emptiness is my strength

 When your lies spread

Burning every sensibility in me

Just like millipede I coiled-in my vital organs

Wound will heal

Memories, not


Gather yourself and come clean,

Your alienations melt you in the absent of my heat.

Watch me deliver these fleshy bones to my loyal dog,

Your tongue moves from one side to the other

Swallowing saliva every now and then,

You wouldn’t get a taste doggy.


You accused me of thuggery, carelessness, ugliness and the likes!

Unfairness wean you doggy

I am healing

It about time I forgive, not forget


Bark as you desire.

Gas rearward, nature say so.

Polluted mouth whiff sinfully

You know I love you


I am hopeful you will be my dog again

That day is approaching

When I will unequivocally say,

That is my dog.



 By Yahya Arko 

Nigga what is up?

Nigga what are you up to?

Nigga what are you after?

Nigga watch your back?

Nigga look forward?

Nigga cares for your nigga brothers.

Nigga looks after your nigga sisters.

Nigga holds hands of younger niggas.

Nigga, the road ahead will be long.

Nigga, prepare your self to take that road.

Nigga, you need education to take that road.

Nigga, you need to understand education is the key to open all doors.

Bloody regime

By: Yahya Arko
If the key of paradise is in the hands of Sudan’s regime, I would reject it

If the signing of peace accord will safe Sudan’s regime, I would dismiss it

If religion is a banner of Sudan’s regime, I would dump it

If praying brings Darfuri people’s rights, I will practice it

If a pact with devil causes death for Al bashir, I will sign it

If fighting for freedom is a crime, I will commit it

If struggle is a gift, I will give out war victims more of it

If the [if ]brings freedom soon, I will add more of it.

Let us do the job

By Yahya Arko Reporter at Sudanese Australia voices (SAV)

What you have suggested is not a proper solution for the issue

Instead you have exacerbated the issue, and therefore you need to get out of the way.

Sorry dude, Go for it, Help out, Keep it up, Oh you are stuck too

Then you cannot solve the issue by yourself

Let us cooperate

Don’t you like TEA? Yes I do

Well I like letter M for some reason

Let us put our like together.

So TEA plus M equals TEAM

Oh it is a team

That’s what we want

So if we want to achieve the task, we needed to TEAM up

Let us put our differences out of the way

Let us cooperate to achieve peace

Freedom Lover

By Yahya Arko reporter at Sudanese Australian Voices (SAV)

You can own your own personal space
You can keep yourself in the house
You can go outside without limitation
You can visit ex-friends
You can meet new friends
You can follow no religion
You can be religious person
You can choose to be a liberal
You can choose to be a conservative
You can stop there
You can reverse back
You can stay in middle
You got to give people a way when it is applicable
You have to know that other people have a right to do so
Then freedom of all will be safe