Abdulkhalig Alhassan (Chief Editor)

Abdulkhalig Alhassan  [Chief Editor]

Abdul was born and raised in Sudan. He worked as a freelance journalist and writer. He came to Australia in 2002 and graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Translation and Interpreting from RMIT University. He joined the AuSud media course in 2010. It was the first time he practiced journalism in a second language (English language).

Emma Berberi [Deputy Editor]

Emma Berberi  [Deputy Editor]

Emma works for a community health organisation in her local area. She completed the AuSud media training in 2010 and 2011. This course was very interesting and it has triggered her passion and interest in journalism.

Alpha Furbell [Deputy Editor]

Alpha Furbell  [Deputy Editor]

Alpha is a Darfuri born Australian. Mr Furbell studied in Australia and the United States of America and is currently studying for a PhD at Monash University. Mr Furbell was a part of both the 2010 and 2011 AuSud Journalism training programs organised by the Centre for Advanced Journalism, at the University of Melbourne.

Ahmed Ali

Ahmed Ali

Ahmed finished high school in Sudan. He did his degree in law at Garyounes University in Libya. He came to Australia in 2000. His hobby is writing  and journalism. He has written many articles, reports and news in newspapers and Internet in Arabic. 

In Melbourne he published articles in Alwasat, The Migrant, and The Ambassador newspapers. The Ambassador newspaper is published monthly by The Horn of Africa Organization in Australia. Ahmed also works at 3CR radio, since 2005. He has interviewed community members from Australia and overseas on different issues and he also broadcasts news.

Fawzi M Adam

Fawzi Mahmoud Adam

Fawzi as born in 1974 in Sudan. As a child he was spotted doing gymnastic tricks in the street and asked to join his town’s first gymnastic club. He finished his education in Sudan and later became a teacher. He then moved to Saudi Arabia for work. While  visiting family in Egypt in 2006 he met an Australian girl on holiday who he later married. They moved together to the United Arab Emirates where Fawzi worked as a teacher aide and gymnastics instructor. He now lives with his wife and son in Shepparton, Australia.

Osman Shihaby

Osman Shihaby

Osman grew up in Kassala city, Sudan. When he finished primary and secondary school he left his family and went to Egypt where he started technical high school, finishing with a Diploma in welding. After he finished school he went to TAFE College, studied telecommunications, and got a Diploma. After he finished his studies he looked forward to continuing at University but he had a financial problem and the time came to leave Egypt. He was very lucky to come to Australia in 1993. He started a new life without his family in Adelaide and went to school for English. After five years he came to Melbourne.

He has worked nonstop until now. He does a lot of volunteering with the African Community in Melbourne. He is a cameraman, editor, photographer and is doing a course as a cameraman at RMIT. He volunteers as part of the unity cup, harmony cup and in community radio 3CR. He also joined the AuSud Media Project. My life is great now with his son and  wife in Melbourne.

Santo Tom

Santo Tom

Santo is a South Sudanese born Australian. He graduated in 1999 from Eljezzira University, the School of Communication Science, Sudan. He received a diploma of Media and Communication from MIBT Deakin University Melbourne, Burwood. He loves reading and writing with a special interest in history and religion.

Thokgor Helper

Thokgor Reech 

Thokgor is Australian and South Sudan citizen by birth. He was born at Makuach village, Tonj East County, South Sudan, in 1984. He grew up there until he left to travel to Kenya in 2003 because of the civil war between South and North Sudan. He lived in North Kenya for four years and seven months at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Kakuma Refugee Camp. He lived in Kenya with his cousins and other friends until he moved to Australia on 28 November 2006. He arrived to Australia and  began an English Foundation course at Victoria College. In 2007 he enrolled in a Victorian TAFE training course, Certificate IV in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, which he completed in 2008. Thokgor continued his studies with a Diploma of Logistics, which he completed in 2009. In 2010 he enrolled in a higher education program and is currently doing his specialisation year in a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Global Logistics and Transport, at Victoria University. He completed this in  2012.

Ajak Mabia (Kwai)

Ajak Mabia (Kwai)

Ajak Mabia (Kwai) is a Sudanese singersongwriter of Dinka roots. Ajak sings in Arabic, Sudanese and English. Music is the vehicle for her stories of extraordinary life experiences as a refugee, exiled from her country.

She moved to Melbourne in 2007 where she has pursued her musical career, performing with many well known artists. Ajak joined the AuSud Media Project in 2011.

Akeeh Manyiel

Akech Manyiel

He was originally from South Sudan but he lived in Melbourne for seven years since he moved to Australia as a refugee.

Akech has a degree in Exercise Science and Human Movement from Victoria University and is looking forward to doing a Masters of teaching at The University of Melbourne in 2012. His areas of interest are writing, physical education, health, ESL and teaching.

He believes he is someone who is self-driven with dedication. He is a people person, and likes to be in contact with the public and media. He values hard work, is eager to learn, enjoys working with others or being with other people, and likes to challenge himself.

He volunteers in the community, helping young people all weekend. If he finds free time, he loves to read, especially books written by other by Africans, be it from the motherland, the Caribbean or the United States of America. He is intrigued by what other black people have to write about, how they write or express their thoughts and ideas about themselves, experiences and their environments.

Angelo Tat Mapial

Angelo Tat Mapial

Angelo Tat Mapial, a father of seven children has lived in Victoria, Australia for the past 12 years. Before moving to Australia, he had to deal with the impact of the civil war in Sudan where many of his loved ones were either killed or missing. One of them is his brother, Thong Mapials.

Despite his age, continuing education is always a dream. In 2008,  he received a Diploma of Business Law and is studying for a Bachelor of Legal Studies. As well, he is completing a Diploma in Counseling.

His goal is to work as a counselor with those suffering post-war trauma in South Sudan. Until then, he is working as a driving instructor and continuing his study in journalism.

Ahmed Osman

Ahmed Zaroog

Ahmed was born and raised in Sudan where he graduated in media and public relations from Sudan University. In  2005 he arrived in Australia. He graduated in audiovisual technology from RMIT, hosts the Sudanese radio show on 3zzz Melbourne, and has worked as a TV anchor in the Middle East.

Dhieu Acuoth

Dhieu Acuoth

Dhieu migrated to Australia in 2003, graduated from Swinburne University of Technology in 2010 with a degree in Media and communication. He is an avid soccer fan and keen follower of Manchester United FC.


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