Cultures of Journalism Series: A 13-part feature series through which “students examine all aspects of journalistic craft including: News-writing; Journalistic Styles; Feature Writing; News Gathering; Newspapers in History; Journalism Cultures and International Journalism.” A collaboration between Open Learning Australia, Griffith University and the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Media Helping Media (MHM) has been set up to provide free training resources and a voice for those involved in the media in transition states, post-conflict countries and areas where freedom of expression and media freedom is under threat. Their aim is to bring together a variety of training resources which are available for all to use for the benefit of anyone working in the media in difficult circumstances. All are free-of-charge and can be reproduced, as long as Media Helping Media (or any guest authors) are credited.

News Writing Exercises: Try these newswriting exercises. Each exercise provides a set of facts or a scenario, and it’s up to you to produce a story from it. To get the maximum benefit, force yourself to do these on a tight deadline (a suggested time limit is offered for each exercise.)

IJNets Training Resources: is a global website for journalists and media managers who want to learn about training and networking opportunities.


Engage Media

“EngageMedia uses the power of video, the internet and free software technologies to create social and environmental change. We believe independent media and free and open technologies are fundamental to building the movements needed to challenge social injustice and environmental damage, as well as to provide and present solutions.”

This is an excellent model of how networks of people can work together to facilitate change.


The Association for Progressive Computing is an organisation that facilitates  access to the internet where there is none or it is unaffordable, we help grassroots groups use the technology to develop their communities and further their rights, and we work to make sure that government policies related to information and communication serve the best interests of the general population, especially people living in developing countries. A list of their members can be viewed at


The Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net) is a local-to-local advocacy network of grassroots community organizations working together for media change to end poverty, eliminate racism, and ensure human rights.  With over 100 member groups nationwide, regional chapters, an online action network, a media justice learning community, and collaborative campaigns- MAG-Net is advancing an exciting new vision for media justice.


The Afrigadgets Grassroots Project


Online Journalism Review Tutorials

Writing for the Web

Publishing tools for online journalism


Using WordPress



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